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Build & Host Business Apps Instantly

With AI & Lowcode Powered Builder and Cloud.

How it works

Save Months & Years of wait time with ERP, EDI & EAI on cloud; Apps for internal tools + external facing processes.

Bring your idea to life by adapting advance solutions development tools and practices for your business

Go to market faster with speed & agility.

AI Modules, LLM, Tester & Builder

Frontend & Backend Lowcode Tools

Develop Fast Frontend

Interdesk enables quick development of interface. Drag and drop UI (user interface) to suite your experience requirements.

Build Instant Backend

Studio is the SDK for workflow logic development. Simplify complex logic for data, security and business rules.

AI Developer

Dictate your requirements and generate business apps functionality in seconds. Dynamic code generation and collaborative requirements makes your business stronger.

Rollout Continuous Frontend & Backend

Continuous implementation and continuous delivery (CICD) have a new meaning with low-code & AI frameworks. Changes to the frontends and backends are dynamically integrated with the version configuration.

Version management and A/B testing can be accelerated to a whole new level with extreme CICD in our Studio & Interdesk.

RAPID DevOps & Innovation Led Growth

How It Works?

Build, Deploy, Grow, Learn, and Improve Your Business Apps.

Scale your business with reliable apps built on a scalable architecture.

1. Setup Data & Logic Architecture

Add backend controls, scripts and workflow in Studio.

2. Security & Access

Add security rules of teams in backend builder of Studio.

3. UI in Interdesk

Develop user interface in Interdesk or bring your own UI in web or mobile.

4. Test & Release

Test the versions of backend and frontend and release the approved apps.

5. Grow & Innovate

Drive continuous improvement.with new ideas, change and opportunities.


With High Performance App Builder

Lowcode & AI improves the speed of solution delivery by up to 95%. Also, the modules are tested rapidly for bug identification and fixed at an equally faster pace. The time saved in development and fixes of the solution saves you from years of backlog. Finally! Businesses can get out of the vicious tech debt cycle.

Customizable & Readymade ERP Business Apps

Key Business Solutions

Get blazing-fast market entry for your business solutions without waiting for months and years into product DevOps.

Cyberium’s tool is an essential part of my web3.0 development toolkit. It's easy to use, powerful, and provides the capability to create amazing decentralized applications. The support is also commendable. I highly recommend Cyberium for anyone looking to accelerate their development process - it's a must-have!

Mark Edelstein​

I recently switched to Cyberium for my low-code development, and I'm loving it! The range of features that Cyberium offers is truly astounding, and the techniques are much more advanced than anything else. I've been able to develop applications faster and with less effort, which is really helping me save time and money. Cyberium has truly revolutionized low-code development!

Peter Morrison

I recently started using Cyberium's Blockchain integrated ERP and I'm already seeing how it can revolutionize my business. This is a game-changer for me – it not only simplifies the process of keeping track of my data but also helps me stay secure and safe. Cyberium has made it possible for me to manage the many different aspects of my business in one place, so I can focus on what really matters: growing my business!

Carla Jacobson

Rapid Devops For Every Industry - Build & Deploy Business Apps In Every Domain

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Cyberium ERP is the world’s most flexible ERP software. It is designed to adapt to any business size, sector or geographic location.

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