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Open Banking Association

Our open banking service lets you operate compliant and regulated service. Build fast, wide and deeply integrated global business without the worry of whimsical banks. Operate at the speed of light with stable bankers based on jurisdictions and regulations. Leverage dynamic reconciliations and pluggable cryptos with any variety of blockchain exchanges for a variety of trades and transactions.

Intelligent Payments

Process based large scale payment solutions provide granular control over cash management and money management. Apply intelligence of choosing right priority of money usage for smart money solutions. Global network availability and compliant framework for all.

Unlimited money choices

A business keeps growing and the processes keep getting bigger with time. A lot of complexity creeps in due to tough, complex and heavy banking demands. Banks have their own overhead. Don't let that make your world heavier. Not anymore! The Fluidity of decentralized money along with full control on crypto lets you experience the best money management. Build world class investment, wealth and cash experience for yourself or target customers.

Highest Compliance & Regulation

Compliance in ensured by extensive reports of transaction and timewise ownership of assets and their sourcing. For the same, Cyberium allows you to leverage decentralized identities, secure channels, digitized contracts and intelligent routing , among many other features for best performance and safety.
The Money Cockpit

The Money Cockpit

Visibility into incoming and outgoing money is a unique capability of crypto money. You can view the downstream users and also how it is growing. Get cabilities to have full control and visibility along with momentum of your money.
New Age Money Choices

New Age Money Choices

Syntehtic money is a special purpose financial instrument which can be backed by multiple currencies and assets manifested as a crypto token. The key elements for synthesizing your money is your (1) goal, (2) assets, (3) partners, (4) rules, and (5)carrier.
Big Money

Big Money

Decentralized money allows you to program all the features of digital money using smart contracts. Cyberium allows you to use the right smart contracts dynamically with a plethora of execution options with compliance and right regulation with managed services. You can be autonomous, efficient and scalable with our platform.

Bring Your Own Blockchain & Exchange

Every business has it's own needs. There is no one size fits all. You can bring your own blockchain to Cyberium platform and creaate the whole ERP-like environment on your blockchain and other IT systems.


Start with an enterprise fintech calendar.

A meeting app for businesses to streamline commercial actions integrated with business systems. Useful for rapid lead onboarding, fintech integrated servicing and viral product distributions. Customise processes, screens & functionalities. Add your own token to integrate payments with goods & services.