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Introducing Cyberium Money

Decentralized money allows you to program all the features of digital money using smart contracts. Cyberium allows you to use the right smart contracts dynamically with a plethora of execution options with compliance and right regulation with managed services. You can be autonomous, efficient and scalable with our platform. Also you can extend the platform for your needs through plugins and modules.


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Design Money

Money has key inherent features like store of value, medium of trust, durability, portability, divisibility, uniformity, limited supply, and acceptability. There have been many forms of money in history, but some forms have worked better than others because they have characteristics that make them more useful.

  • Fiat money - It does not have intrinsic value and does not represent an asset in a vault somewhere. Its value comes from being declared "legal tender"-an acceptable form of payment-by the government of the issuing country.
  • Natural or artificial metals or matters - Gold, platinum, diamonds are another source of money creation. One can use these metals in certain cases for much better outcomes than fiat money.
  • Bank or private securities - It is a certificate or token that can be exchanged for the underlying commodity. For example, instead of carrying the gold commodity money, the gold might have been kept in a bank vault and you might carry a paper certificate that represents-or was "backed"-by the gold in the vault.
  • Pooling

    By designing money using tokens, business rules and BPMN, you can have all the desired features in your money while following the right regulations. This can reduce the cost of operations, efficiency of transactions and cost of regulation.

  • Operational Efficiency - Seamless transactions in an organized environemnt where there is complete visibility across the money creation, consumption and utilization brings efficiency.
  • Effectiveness - It reduces risk as well as brings more control over the comprehensive risk portfolio for any type of business activity. Blockchain with BPMN and data systems makes reporting easy for compliance.
  • Easy Regulation - Automated reconciliation of decentralized ledger, token divisibility, exchangability, fungibility, immutability and many other inbuilt features of digital money makes regulation easier for blockchain assets. The key factor for regulation is visibility. Since all transactions operate through a ledger in all kinds of possible networks, visibility is always guaranteed.

    Digital Business Model & Partners

    Smart contracts can hold partnership codes. With help of identity layering, smart contracts and BPMN workflows, you can model a business for digital execution. This way multiple businesses digitally modelled on Cyberium can build powerful partnership representations.

  • Identity Layering - Creating cryptographic keys for each of the human and organizational entities is a way of identity layering. There are ways to make these identities shared and retrievable for ease of use. You can also design many other features in identities.
  • Representing Teams and Departments - A team can be represneted in BPMN or smart contract or both dependeing on the end use. Lightwieght teams are efficient in smart contracts whereas heavy rules for big teams can be more efficiently created in BPMN.
  • Building Business Rules - Business rules direct the events on the network to follow certain paths along with manual intervention through teams. You can code them in simple logic based on input data values or complex lookups and processing using APIs with functions. You can also add robots and AI bots to take care of complex processes.
  • Partnership

    Here are some sample department and team models to help you start building your organization as well as peer organizations. It is adviced to build streams of material and information flow of upstream and odwnstream partners.

  • Vendor Management - Download here.
  • Supplier Management - Download here.
  • Production Management - Download here.
  • Finance & Control - Download here.
  • Market (Exchange - Price Maker) - Download here.


    Any event is never a lone alone informaation blip. Integration is key for making the information consumed in right way. The money move materials, decisions, and institutions. You can add integration at any level of Cyberium,i.e.
    Rules(scripts or otherwise),
    Users & Teams,
    APIs & Hooks,
    or other elements like RPA or AI bots. Digital Workflow

    Cyberium has a lot of integration options for creating a well connected money system.

  • Manual Forms - Build forms for a set of grouped or specific users to interact with your workflow.
  • API & Hooks based triggers - Your workflow can receive or transmit information from or to an external service.
  • Blockchain Events - Your workflow can also be operated by any kind of blockchain and their specific events.
  • You can build all these inetgrations at any layer of the system.


    Power of Decentralization and P2P Networks

    Why is decentralized money powerful than centralized one? Money is a social utility. All the value is derived through a social consensus. Centralization makes transitivity tough. A process like book-keeping is fail-proof if there is no single point of failure. In case of centralized money the book-keeping is solely dependent on the central party. Whereas in decentralized money, there can be as many verifying parties as needed.
    Centralized money lags on the transitivity. Transactions



    Scale your money with the power of integration, decentralization and expansion. Variety Volume Speed

    Cyberium enhances your money for containing the power of variety. Create variety of money and keep them integrated in value and transactivity.
    Decentralized money has the power to break the glass ceiling of volume when compared to centralized money. That enhanced the volume and speed.
    Micro transactions, business transactions and integrated transactions become exponentially better with Cyberium.

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    Money made better.

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