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There is no one solution which fits everyone. People find their own solution. We just need to provide them with tools. When those tools are flexible, the solutions are elegant. Simple tools are elegant because people can use simple means and ways to customize it and make their own elegant solution. Cyberium is that simple and elegant tool for you and your organization.

Control & Precision.

Cyberium lets you build great and elegant solutions faster. You can build the process workflow quickly with Cyberium studio. Just add the worklfow steps of tasks with screens and permissions, scripts, APIs or external sources. You can instantly connect the Cyberiums app with other apps inside or outside Cyberium, like RPA bots, Mail box, CRM, ERP, Financial system or anything.

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Make right first impressions

A suitable scheduling workflow creates an astute impression in front of your clients. Build efficient and seamless handler of information for your clients.
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Connect your teams

Team always wins. That is why your organization should be connected with the scheduler workflow. FLow of information from scheduling to your ERP, and CRM can yield lots of productivity and efficiency.
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Build custom experience

A scheduler is not just a calendar or diary for record keeping. In the age of experience, you can serve the customers without repeating your questions. Re-use, and recycling of information builds good experience.
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Extend features

Change is important and it is a permanent constant. Cyberium allows you to easily change and upgrade your scheduler Active Calendar workflows based on new evolving needs.

Benefits of scheduler

Every profession has different scheduling needs for different client segments.

Every profession deals with customers. And not all dealings are face to face. Most important part of customer discussions are about the right questions. And right questions are about finding new information with ease. Answering is not easy. Providing answers takes efforts and needs patience. These are limited currencies for customers. Therefore, being mindful of customer's effort and patience goes a long way in building right experience.

Efficiency in meetings lead to better outcomes and more business. Lack of integration leads to funnel leakages.


65% of meetings can become better with an integrated experience

Unlimited Events
Team Management
IntegrationsProcess, Workflow, API, Bots, Mailboxes, Zoom, ZappierOutlook, Zoom, ZappierOutlook, Zoom, ZappierOutlook, Zoom, Zappier
Access Control Custom-Public, Team, Guest


Custom Interfaces
Blockchain Contracts

Active Calendar is built with an application suite which lets you customize the features based on your needs. You can add your APIs and use it at any of the multiple places to integrate the scheduling with your enterprise.


You can also add smart contracts to decentralize your application for contractual tasks. You can use any of the ethereums or Hyperledger blockchains.

Build your custom scheduler to suite your business.

What will you build with scheduler?

Pricing plan for Active Calendar

Every Industry Has Different Meeting Needs. Build a custom experience with Cyberium Calendar App.


$12/ monthly

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  • Support


$0/ lifetime

Free account to manage your daily public schedules.

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    Unlimited meetings
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¢0.1/ event

Get complete control over functions, features and experience.

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    Unlimited meetings
  • Custom Workflow
    Custom Screens
    Custom Scripts & APIs
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