Jul 12, 2022

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<strong>Inspecta adopting blockchain as a part of future development</strong>


Inspecta, founded in 2003 as a spinoff of the Computer Vision Center at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), innovates through collaborations with researchers from the UAB and the University of Barcelona. Computer vision (or artificial vision) is a synthetic intelligence field aimed at understanding the information contained within an image or video. The first industrial application in which the company employed its technology was quality control of cork stoppers for bottles of wine and cava. Their CorkInspect system analyzes the color of the bottle cap and has a self-learning system by which the machine learns to classify based on a set of samples. Subsequently, the company applied its accumulated knowledge to applications in other areas such as retail, smart cities, healthcare, and advertising based on video analysis of consumer behavior.

How can Blockchain help in multiple industries?

Blockchain technology can help co-implement artificial vision in multiple industries by providing a secure and transparent platform for sharing data and applications. This would allow for more efficient use of resources and faster innovation. Blockchain ensures that data is tamper-proof. This is important for industries that rely on artificial vision for critical tasks.

Here are the 10 Key Benefits of Using Blockchain:

a. Security: Blockchain technology is highly secure due to its distributed nature and cryptographic algorithms.

b. Transparency: All transactions on a blockchain are visible to everyone on the network.

c. Immutability: Once a transaction is recorded on a blockchain, it cannot be altered or deleted.

d. Decentralization: Blockchain networks are decentralized, which means they are not subject to control by any single entity.

e. Efficiency: Blockchain technology can help to streamline processes and reduce costs.

f. Flexibility: Blockchain networks can be customized to meet the needs of different industries and use cases.

g. Scalability: Blockchain networks can be scaled up to support large numbers of users and transactions.

h. Openness: Blockchain technology is open source, which means anyone can develop applications on top of it.

i. Interoperability: Blockchain networks are linked together to form a global network.

j. Sustainability: Blockchain technology can help to reduce the environmental impact of businesses and organizations.

What are some potential challenges that could arise from using blockchain technology in the co-implementation of artificial vision?

Some potential challenges that could arise from using blockchain technology in the co-implementation of artificial vision include:

a. Lack of standardization: There is currently no standard format for storing data on a blockchain. This could lead to compatibility issues between different blockchain networks.

b. Lack of regulation: Blockchain technology is currently unregulated. This could make it difficult to enforce rules and regulations related to the use of artificial vision.

c. High costs: The costs of developing and deploying a blockchain network can be high. This could make it difficult for small businesses and organizations to participate.

d. Security risks: Blockchain technology is still relatively new and untested. This could make it susceptible to security breaches and attacks.

e. Privacy concerns: Some people may be concerned about the lack of privacy on a blockchain network. This could make it difficult to use artificial vision for personal or sensitive tasks.

Why is Cyberium Blockchain the best Platform?

Cyberium blockchain is the best platform for implementing artificial vision because it offers several advantages over other blockchain platforms.

a. Cyberium is highly scalable and can support large numbers of users and transactions.

b. Cyberium is open source, and anyone can develop applications on top of it.

c. Cyberium is interoperable with other blockchain networks.

d. Cyberium is environmentally sustainable and uses less energy than other blockchain platforms.

e. Cyberium offers a high level of security and privacy for users.

f. Cyberium has low transaction costs and is suitable for small businesses and organizations.

g. the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission regulates Cyberium.

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