Cyberium Suite Introduction

We are bringing you a new method of building enterprise transactional apps for business utilities. You are welcome to try it out.

Cyberium is a platform to build utility. Utilities like messaging, processing, distribution, aggregation, payments, invoicing, billing, transactions and so many others. Because of the power of the blockchain, utilities are becoming powerful. It is hard to build scalable utilities even with cloud due to multiparty nature of utilities. There are three key elements for building a utility. People - You(admin), Staff(admin group, other teams), Partners(individuals, teams), Public Process - Workflow, Screens Execution - Scripts, API, Blockchain

Our blockchain offering gives you single window solution to create containers like smart contracts/chaincode, add/manage identities, create sythetic money & connect it to one or more utilities.

Our flagship application of Active Calendar can be your stepping stone for building great utilities.

Desiging decentralized utilities is going to be the new engineering frontier for enterprise applications.

Learn how to think of blockchain for business.

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