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You can make your own money!
It doesn't mean that one has to replace a republic's currency. Syntehtic money is a special purpose financial instrument which can be backed by multiple currencies and assets manifested as a crypto token.
The key elements for synthesizing your money is your (1) goal, (2) assets, (3) partners, (4) rules, and (5)carrier.

Five elemnts of syntehtic money.

  • Define a goal for synthetic money.
    Goal Historically money has bene created to facilitate exchange of value. This medium serves the goal of creating value. A business, or an enterprise , creates value in the form of goods and services. The goal of syntehic money has to be a similar one too. Syntehic money can facilitate the exchange of values ilieu of goods and services. You can read about the benefits of such syntehtic money system over the legacy fiat or asset systems here. An executive team is the right group to build and guide the goal foundation for your organization.
  • Assets to back the synthetic money.
    Assets Virtual currencies have dominated investment conversation in the past few years, and the world is intrigued by this new money method. Backing digital currencies with commodities (such as oil, gold, diamonds, etc.) or fiat (such as US dollars, euros, etc.) has many advantages. It reduces price volatility and opens the synthetic money to a new kind of deals and transaction utilities at a much better pace and liquidity. Finance experts at Cyberium can help you to build the asset portfolio for your business.
  • Upgrade your business and transaction partners to digital money partners.
    Partners Once you have decided on their strategic ambitions and objectives, the question, “How do we get there?” is the obvious next step. Digitization of partnerships helps in sending and receiving money from them. The workflows connected to the money in whole of extra organization can be triggered.
  • Encoding business rules in the money.
    Rules Business rules are essential to create the right controls for profitability. Business rule is simply a programming logic which is used to process data extracted from the network of blockchains or through databases of workflows.Your subject matter experts from the operations teams are the best ones poised to build the rules.
  • Choosing & designing your blockchain networks
    Carrier The blockchain suited to your needs can be designed or used from an off-the-shelf offerings. The role of blockchain is not just to create the money, but also about partner identities, rules, and integration. Cyberium helps you to host or design all types of blockchains suited to your needs.
  • Choices

    Digital money provides a unique ability to syntehise any asset into a liquid, compliant and powerful token.


    Role of Synthetic Money in seamless payments

    Syntehtic money has connected our production and supplier organizations together to create informed and capable environment.

    A large food processing company : Mid-West USA

    100 Millions+ records are ingested in the network every day related to the production forecasting, inventory, telematics and finances.

    Right processes execute on time and help the right decision making.