Endless Control & Visibility

Having control at high speed is essential.


The need for speed.

Payment is an exchange of value in form of money in lieu of goods or services. As the complexity of this arrangement increases, payments become slower and slower. Blockchain is resolutionising the payments by digitizing the identities, assets, business rules, store of value and ubiquitous blockchain channels. The world of payments has largely been manual due to limitations in digitizing and transmitting values in a secure way without involving costly institutional parties, the banks and governments. Blockchain doesn't bypass these, but gives them abilities to have full control and visibility along with momentum.

Unprecedented visibility.

Visibility into incoming and outgoing money is a unique capability of crypto money. You can view the downstream users and also how it is growing. Such unprecedented visibility reduces the risk of money business. We provide coin design and money management solutions integrated with visibility. Almost all kinds of project funding, trade finance, syndicate banking, and myriads of other banking products work better with visibility. Contact us today to learn more about digitisation of your business for far reaching growth.


Make better payments
by leveraging blockchains.

Everyone has different money manager needs.

Every profession deals with customers. And not all dealings are face to face. Most important part of customer discussions are about the right questions. And right questions are about finding new information with ease. Answering is not easy. Providing answers takes efforts and needs patience. These are limited currencies for customers. Therefore, being mindful of customer's effort and patience goes a long way in building right experience.

Efficiency in payments lead to better outcomes and more business. Lack of integration leads to funnel leakages.


100% of payments can become better with an integrated experience


Cyberium app is built with an application suite which lets you customize the features based on your needs. You can add your APIs and use it at any of the multiple places to integrate the money with your enterprise.


You can also add smart contracts to decentralize your application for contractual tasks. You can use any of the ethereums or Hyperledger blockchains.

Build your custom money manager to suite your business.

What will you build with money manager?