Build Data Driven Business Apps Without Being Driven

Data Driven, business buzzword

Generative AI has significantly improved the pace and accuracy of defining data structures, allowing for faster and more efficient programming. Innovations like Anthropic and ChatGPT have revolutionized the way software development teams operate, as these tools are capable of generating data structures in a matter of seconds. Prior to this technology, human developers would have to invest weeks, if not months, in creating complex data structures manually. The utilization of generative AI has not only expedited the process but also minimized the risk of manual error. As technology continues to advance, it is apparent that generative AI will play an important role in the future of software development. Ultimately leading to greater productivity and the ability to tackle even more complex computational challenges.

What is Object Oriented Data Structure(OODS) ?

OODS is a set of principles to design the flow of data from one state to another, where state means either partial ownership, application of logic, transmission or trigger for transmission, and any other form of data state changes. 

Data driven applications are meant to create large and robust network of data states to achieve a business objective. So instead of using programming codes to build the data flow, one can use data state mangement system like Cyberium lowcode to build business softwares. And since lowcode apps can be built 80% faster and no systemic bugs, it provides you debt free and functional system instantly.

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