Jul 12, 2022

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Collaboration of Airbnb with Vayable:


Airbnb is a worldwide peer-to-peer network connecting visitors with locals who wish to rent their homes for a cheaper price. Anyone may use AirBnB to offer their room, a portion of their home, or their whole house for anything from a few hours to a few days without registering as a tourist accommodation company. The firm ensures that the information about the lodging is complete. They were using good online photographs and ratings from those who have stayed there. Residents are free to charge whatever they believe is fair. They submit suggested rates based on current demand. Furthermore, they may provide further services, such as making breakfast or serving as a quick guide.

This method has no intermediaries such as travel agencies, hotel reservation companies, or tourist services. It allows residents to make money from their homes while tourists stay in other countries for considerably less than they would at hotels.

Vayable is employing a similar concept, an international tourism platform in which local people offer tours of a certain sort based on their specialized knowledge or experience, such as an architect may lead a local architectural heritage tour; a former guerrilla can show the places in a forest where they used to hide; an expert chef may take visitors around the city's hidden culinary gems.

The two companies have decided to cooperate and offer their services through a single business model based on selling feelings. Unique experiences that exceed traditional tourist services. As with any social media site, each service's popularity is derived from its users' online comments and recommendations.

How Can Cyberium Blockchain help these Two collaborations?

Cyberium can help facilitate these two companies' collaboration by providing a decentralized platform on which they can operate. Furthermore, Cyberium help ensure the security of both Airbnb and Vayable's data and provide a means by which payments can transfer between the two parties without needing a third party. In addition, Cyberium's smart contract functionality automatically enforces the terms of the agreement between AirBnB and Vayable. It ensures that both parties fulfill their obligations.

Finally, Cyberium's decentralized nature will allow AirBnB and Vayable to offer their services to a global market without being subject to the whims of any government or jurisdiction.

The benefits of using Cyberium Blockchain:

The use of Cyberium blockchain provides several advantages for both AirBnB and Vayable. First and foremost, it enables both companies to operate on a decentralized platform, which offers greater security and stability. In addition, Cyberium's smart contract functionality automatically enforces the terms of the agreement between AirBnB and Vayable, ensuring that both parties fulfill their obligations.

In Conclusion,

This collaboration between Airbnb and Vayable has the potential to revolutionize the way that tourism is conducted, and the use of the Cyberium blockchain will only serve to further this goal.


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