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Meeting Workflow Maker with Free Calendar App

Cyberium lets you create Interactions for businesses & busy people as utility application. The platform is low code application maker for user interface, api integration and blockchain connectivity. Our flagship product is meeting maker. It is like a calendar app where one can let their prospectors schedule meeting at available slots. Hosts can customize any element of the app like forms, fields, adding api, among many other things. Fast customization of the meeting app with meeting maker keeps the app updated with current needs. A customizable form during scheduling process by prospects allows better context of meetings. Downstream integration allows for better collaboration and follow up using the team. Lifetime Free subscription are available.

Our Unique & Best PAAS

You can realy on our five star service for excellent solutioning, support and answers.

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Our apps are served in more than 35 countries.

versions of calendar

We are serving more tham 142 versions of calendar app.


Calendar & other utility apps are in 8 languages.

user groups and growing

We are rapidly growing the user groups and communities.

Our Key Offerings

We empower our users and communities to achieve scale and performance.
  • Software as a serviceCalendar App

    Calendar app is live. You can signup to our official app. Or you can create your own using the free guide and resources.
  • Platform as a serviceUtility Apps

    By using our sample template you can build almost any kind of application to service your business needs.
  • Managed ServiceMoney Manager

    Make and use your own money for utility in business, network, or regional exchanges. Our PAAS and SAAS apps provide complete integration with your internal systems as well as your partners. Get complete control over data access, usage and flow.