Convert any framework to lowcode for speed and efficiency

Convert any framework to lowcode

Lowcode and nocode technologies have been changing the way software development is done, leading to greater efficiency, and we at Cyberium are proud to be on the forefront of this change. Our platform of SDK is stateful, enabling us to build complete end-to-end enterprise applications with ease. Our team of skilled developers have already delivered a multitude of ERP modules using lowcode technologies, providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients. We believe in the power of lowcode technology to revolutionize software development, making it accessible to all and reducing barriers to entry – allowing more organizations to harness the power of software to increase efficiency, streamline processes, and drive growth. Let us help you optimize your business operations by leveraging the power of lowcode technologies with our expertise!

Learning curve of lowcode platforms

Colorful Wooden Abacus Beads Arranged in Sine Wave Curve

When it comes to lowcode platforms, it can be challenging to navigate the process of configuring blocks and building them from the ground up. However, Cyberium offers a unique approach that sets it apart from other lowcode platforms. Rather than requiring a deep knowledge of block configuration or other advanced skills, users can learn workflow creation through the use of finite state machines. This approach makes the process of building workflows more accessible to a wider range of individuals, regardless of their technical expertise or experience level. Plus, the use of finite state machines offers a range of benefits, including improved reliability, better control over your workflow, and more efficient development. Whether you are a seasoned programmer or just getting started with lowcode development, Cyberium can be a powerful tool for your workflow needs.

FASTBuilder.AI lets you do lowcode programming in any language. It reduces effort by half.

We developed straight through programming schema and a thread mapping mechanism as shown below. The thread mapping is used to generate the code based on standard schema using generative programming like ChatGPT, Bard or Anthropic. 

Standard Schema
Standard Schema
Thread Mapping
Thread Mapping

Text to Software is the way to go

The product story is the key to achieve lowcode capability in any  language for using the standard schema and thread mapping. 

So far, the role of product stories have remained very limited. The way product stories have been used are mostly graphical and analytical.

A textual product story with all the details of interaction and logical data processing allows for creation of complete schema. And a complete schema helps in creating a complete thread mapping of information flow along with all the states of information transformation. The threads are converted to logical tasks. 

Scalable prompt engineering

Prompt engineering is the new age technique of driving AI in desired direction with skills and craft. It is a information theoretic approach of adding the right number of key words organized in such a way that AI can be guided in a desired direction with enough safeguards of least deviation.

The task list generated by applying the standard schema on thread mapping is fed to a prompt engineered model suitable to your software framework for large scale and rapid code generation. With the generated code, one can deploy an integration and deployment mechanism to complete a large and complex project at exponential speed.

How can FASTBuilder.AI help in this?

1. Product story

2. Component generation

3. Standard Schema

4. Scalable prompting

2. Fastbuilder identifies the system component in the story and allows you to manaullay curate the analysis.

You can drag and drop the assets, classes and team identified in the story to achieve correct thread mapping.


Component generation

3. The standard schema is then customized for your own choice of coding language and framework. You need to update your effort hours for a unit of work, i.e. coding. For example, a standard unit of work of building a data controller in Cyberium lowcode is 1 hours. So the figure is 1 in the image. For other languages, it could be 4 hours to 20 hours depending on the process of programming. 

Standard schema

4. Scalable prompting provides you rapid code generation for your own process and comfort. FastBuilder provides you a list of all tasks generated by applying the standard schema on product story. 

Task prompts

I have shown the process in this youtube video. I hope you will find a way to be efficient with high quality work for your clients or your organization.