Crypto SDK


Need for
New Age Transactions

Crypto SDK

There are many transactions which are not straight through due to barriers. These barriers can beA paperworks, identity, consesus or timing issues like delivery related etc. Also some transactions can be so small for your payment processing system that accounting is costlier than the actual payment value. We replace them with something else like messaging or bundling into larger transactions.

  • Move every moment with micro transactions
  • Transact every denomination
  • Transact both tangible and intangible values


Low Code PAAS

We combine the power of blockchain with cloud to offer low code environment to build powerful decentralized apps. You can host your own money and create distribution channels. Along with control over the distribution, you can also create utilities for money like supply chain, etc

You can build transaction tools, products and services 24X faster with Cyberium Crypto SDK. Our low code platform lets you design the information flow with a BPMN workflow diagram. Then you can embed smart contracts, APIs, screens for interactions and scripts for data processing.
Reduce your cost of operations at least by 76%. As you don’t have to manage application servers, blockchain nodes, load balancers, event listeners or any sort of infrastructure, your cost reduces dramatically. Cyberium Blockchain Cloud offers complete reliability and opportunity for creators.
Cyberium Crypto SDK

Platform As A Service


We provide end to end technology, Consulting, Advisory, Regulation
and Financial support for your blockchain business model.

Cyberium Crypto SDK

Intelligent Workflow

With the help of BPMN and AI, one can create complex flow with ease. Embed smart contracts, side chains, screens, APIs and triggers for complete automation.

Crypto SDK

Synthetic Money

Create your own synthetic money on your favorite blockchain with our managed services.

Crypto SDK

Cyberium Coin

Grow and Fork Cyberium Coin to build your own money system. We offer scalable Hyper ledger, R3 etc as sidechains.

Crypto SDK

Open Bankers

Money management is key for effective growth. Get white glove services with Open Bankers.