Oct 1, 2023

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Cyberium lowcode is fullstack alternative to build fast and robust enterprise softwares

There is a plethora of lowcode tools available now-a-days, but we still choose to build another lowcode framework of Cyberium in the year 2018-2019. It was pre-pandemic time and we had no hint of Covid-19. We were building an integration and development platform to unify various core business systems while also rolling out new products without the need of another core enterprise system. We found that all the lowcode systems were either stateless or required heavy coding for state management. A stateless application works like it cannot remember more than one thing at a time. These types of applications are good for API handling or landing pages without interaction. Most of the lowcode tool vendors are providing this option only as a stopgap measure while they have some other major product to sell. We wanted to fix this problem as well as the misuse of the ter lowcode. That's why we built a stateful lowcode framework. And we named it Cyberium.

Cyberium lowcode framework is built for fullcode apps.


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