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What is Cyberium’s Dual-Side Low-Code

While low-code platforms solved the problem of developing interactive and appealing interfaces, dual-side low-code makes application and software building more feasible. As LCPs and LCDPs focus on simplifying the development and deployment of the front end of an application or software. The complexity of developing a stable and strong backend would require lengthy handwritten codes, which causes a delay in the development and deployment, adding more steps of developing, testing, rectifying, and deploying to the procedure. In contrast, the dual-side low-code solves the challenges LCPs/LCDPs could not. Dual-side low-code helps build an attractive platform and develops a seamless backend by integrating handwritten codes’ functionality. At the same time, downsizing the time required to build complex codes and test them before delivering the final draft.

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Applications of DSLC

Why move to Dual-side low-code from traditional codes

Digital Banking

Digital Banking requires complex coding and extra security. Cyberium’s Dual-Side Low-Code can build both front and backend without the use of complex coding eliminating the scope of human error, and added blockchain integration in development makes the platform a secure and safer option for development.

E-commerce applications

E-commerce application requires an extensive amount of work in providing and building an ecosystem of various filters like location, currency, inventory, and tracking, which can easily be incorporated using drag-and-drop functionality offered by a dual-side low-code platform.

Management systems

Management systems are dynamic. It has an array of segmentations like workforce, workflow, inventory, and logistics, all of which can be easily implemented without any scope of error with dual-side low code.


CRMs are designed for businesses to assist them in their day-to-day operations while improving and advancing lead generation and conversion systems. Dual-side Low-code can be an effective and efficient tool for developing CRMs

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Why move to Dual-side low code from traditional codes

Effectiveness and Efficiency

As dual-side low-code offers preset for a diverse range of functionality, enabling rapid development and deployment opportunities for an application to rapid acquisition on the demand it is catering to.


Dual-side low-code eliminates the involvement of complex coding from the front and back end, eliminating major complications resulting in increased productivity.


Dual-side low-code offers rapid application development without compromising codes’ quality and efficiency, eliminating the need to hold quality while delivering rapid deployment in traditional coding.


Phasing out the challenges and complexity of traditional codes while writing and testing, dual-side low-code adds flexibility to a diverse range of functionalities with drag-and-drop implementations.







Security & Scalability

The useability and scalability of a platform are accepted when the platform provides secure development functionality, eliminating the risk of cyber threats while opening up opportunities to grow. 

Cyberium developed its Dual-side low-code platform with consideration of all possible security threats. Incorporating blockchain to maximize eliminating all potential risks involved.

Breaking the stereotype

Initial low-code development platforms received criticism for their implementations and claims-making frontend development and deployment quicker with better functionality and more useability. 

Another set of risks that concerns people is its efficiency in catering to large applications. On the other hand, there have yet to be any specific concerns raised for dual-side low code that puts its security and scalability into question.

Blockchain solution for Dual-side low Code

Dual-side Low-code helps deliver diverse solutions, including indexes, controllers, and API. However, integrating blockchain with dual-side low-code eliminates the need to have a team at the disposal to maintain blockchain while making room for a more scalable and secure environment.

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