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Empower your Fintech with Integrated Web 3.0 backed up by Blockchain portability

Fintech Industries

Digital Book-keeping

Be it big or small. Every business needs account management and a requirement to keep track of all the transactions in an organized format. Accounting needs are more than just keeping track of debits and credits. The functionality of accounting can be further classified into various segments like payroll management, Billing, and asset management.

Digital Wallets

The horizon introduces a concept of going cashless as more and more developing as well as developed countries promote the concept of going cashless has encouraged innovators to build a digital wallet to make transactions, giving them access to banking-like functionality. The market has seen an ever-growing curve in the use of digital wallets and mobile banking solutions.


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have taken center stage when it comes to fintech development. The introduction of cryptocurrency changed how users trusted centralized systems and came across a more feasible and secure option of decentralized systems. Not just cryptocurrency but blockchain itself has a much bigger potential to contribute towards gaining the trust of users.

Insurance (InsureTech)

The insurance industry has taken a rapid development path since people have realized its importance in the current times, where there is always an element of uncertainty. While it is the fastest-growing financial application, The new-age deployment of insurance applications has an increased dependency on technological advancements. Cyberium’s fintech solution caters to personalized development without compromising security.

Understanding Fintech

The Fintech industry is in the middle of a digital revolution. It is a competitive space for large financial organizations & newbies. Fintech solutions must constantly evolve and adapt new approaches & models to stay on top and transform as you grow. Integrating blockchain into Fintech reimagines services and custom business solutions, Fintech companies are reducing business costs while expanding their customer reach.

The financial sector, combined with technological expertise, helps Fintech companies rethink their business models. Cyberium helps you build the right Fintech solutions by understanding the right requirements, skills, technologies & mindset while building custom solutions for Fintech companies. We help them meet their requirements for rapid deployment, testing, and releasing your perfect operational model.

Fintech Development Made Easy

Empower your Fintech with Integrated Web 3.0 backed up by Blockchain portability


  • Account Sync: Ensuring efficient management of billing and invoicing, blockchain integration provides a more secure and trustworthy platform for its user to explore
  •  Asset Management: Keeping track of assets can be difficult, and monitoring their value simultaneously is more difficult. Cyberium’s accounting software keeps track of tangible and non-tangible assets easily.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Analyzing the expenses and planning an upcoming budget can be tough if you don’t have proper insights. Cyberium’s accounting software help users to analyze and budget and prepare an upcoming budget by looking at the forecasting of expenses.
  • Banking: Accounting is not just analyzing and preparing for the future but also consists of banking operations. We enable users to explore integrated banking functionality.
  • Compliance: The new world order of blockchain and cryptocurrency eliminated the threats of compromised security and added more authenticity in verifying every transaction.
  • Digital ledger: Recording transactional history and verifying can be simplified yet made secure with blockchain integration. Providing restricted access to your financial history.
  • Digital Asset: integrating blockchain can open new opportunities to build and trade using digital assets. Providing opportunities to build, manage and trade your own security system.
  • Secure: The growth curve of digital wallets has always had a threat of compromised security which pulls down any good digital wallet, but by integrating blockchain and encryption has added multiple layers of security, which eliminates the threats.
  • Contactless transactions: Enabling users through digital wallets provide a contactless payment solution using NFC and QR codes.
  • Swift Transfer: Transferring money has never been this easy, wallet to wallet, bank to a wallet, or any other type of transfer you name it, we’ll make it faster and better
  • Simple yet efficient: Cyberium ensures your fintech solution is built efficiently, securely, and simply for you to handle.
  • Document management: Offering to keep all the personalized information in one place, securing your data blockchain encryption where data is searchable and automatically updated.
  • Task management: individual contributors have a major role in the insurance industry cyberium ensures the dynamic assignment of tasks to manage operations seamlessly.
  • Billing and invoicing: Automating the process to track payments, monitor transactions, and issue receipts.
  • Instant messaging: The key to effective sales is to help customers with instant chat with agents and resolve client issues right inside your app.
  • Bank account integrations: Enabling applications to track and monitor transactions across multiple sources.
  • Multi-currency support: Wealth management is not restricted to one border but has gone international payments without worrying about conversion rates.
  • Analytics: Visualizing spending habits and generating custom financial reports are the key to motivating consumers to indulge more in financial management.
  • Forecasts: It’s better to prepare for every situation and to predict future spending, and account balances help better planning.


Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is built on a public blockchain, opening into the new and untapped potential of Defi and cryptocurrency.

Multifunctional dashboard

Exclusive multi-level access dashboard that fits your business requirements.

API & Multiblockchain integration

The integration enables a more secure, high performing, trusted, and transparent.

Cross-Blockchain portability

Cross-blockchain portability opens up

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Cyberium’s tool is an essential part of my web3.0 development toolkit. It's easy to use, powerful, and provides the capability to create amazing decentralized applications. The support is also commendable. I highly recommend Cyberium for anyone looking to accelerate their development process - it's a must-have!
Mark Edelstein​
I recently switched to Cyberium for my low-code development, and I'm loving it! The range of features that Cyberium offers is truly astounding, and the techniques are much more advanced than anything else. I've been able to develop applications faster and with less effort, which is really helping me save time and money. Cyberium has truly revolutionized low-code development!
Peter Morrison
I recently started using Cyberium's Blockchain integrated ERP and I'm already seeing how it can revolutionize my business. This is a game-changer for me – it not only simplifies the process of keeping track of my data but also helps me stay secure and safe. Cyberium has made it possible for me to manage the many different aspects of my business in one place, so I can focus on what really matters: growing my business!
Carla Jacobson

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