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  • Think of ideas and implement.
  • Try new improvements everyday.
  • Innovate at the speed of thought.

Generate Enterprise IT Through Dialogues,
Innovate At The Speed Of Thought

Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Preserve your enterprise IT in the form of knowledge graphs as timeless knowledge of your business for every vertical combined together.

Daily Delivery & Integration

Build incremental improvements and new features in your business everyday. Don't wait for months and years for vendors or budgets.

Do what matters for business.

Only your clients matter. Everything else is a distraction. Focus on your business and let everything else be taken care by ideas of your workforce.

Story Builder

Let's Capture Every Idea In A Well Knitted Execution Story.

Add ideas to the story board and get beta systems developed for instant testing and pilot. Ideas come in pieces and great ideas are built through collaboration. Leaving no one behind, a perfect solution gets delivered through collaboration in story board.

  • Start capturing insights into the storypad through prompts or manual write-ups.
  • Let's convert those stories in a series of APIs to be consumed in UI for testing.
  • Deploy tested ideas in production version of the tested stories for deployment.
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Backend & Frontend Builder

A Magical Tool To Generate APIs from Story and Test In Dynamically Built Forms

The gap between ideas and reality is execution which we shorten through generative software solutions. Test ideas instantly through dynamic forms and APIs to deliver ultimate speed to your business.

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Test, Security & Deployment

From Idea to Launch in Minutes.

Test ideas instantly for functionality and security while launching them in production in a matter of minutes.

  • Start creating powerful software systems, now
  • Consume external APIs to integrate existing infrastructure and tools.
  • Explore millions of knowledge graphs from a variety of software systems from 3rd party vendors.
Explore 3rd party K-graphs

Generative Software Use Cases

Organic & Custom Fit Software Solutions

Building Natural Language Systems

Writing product story creates business systems. This new innovative approach of building the business softwares is revolutionalising every industry.

Stories Have No EOL or Sunset.

Vendor systems come with heavy baggage and liability. The frequent end of life and sunset leads to wastage and losses. Generative softwares are your in-house tools with no end of life.

Build Natural Collaboration

Streamline your workforce and resources without conflict or constraints to contribute business improvement ideas and get it done.

Continuous Innovation

Innovate every second through workforce idea aggregation without constraints or limitations of dollar or focus.

Works With Any User Interface Framework

Build UI forms, tables and views in any language with code intelligence available for all major frameworks like react, angular, etc

Instant Backend APIs

A robust backend means that every feature is API ready. Add more stories to increase APIs or their capabilities.

Work With 3rd Party Apps

Explore millions of third party app stories and integrate them in your system seamlessly.

Instant Delivery

Get rid of heavy project management, devops and all the fanfare of yesteryear IT practices. Enjoy efficient and effective business systems done for your custom needs everyday.

Pricing Plan

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For Solopreneurs

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  • Single seats
  • 10,000 tokens per month
  • 3 Apps
  • Bring Your Own OpenAI APIs
  • Privacy & Security
  • Forum Supported

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For standard load business

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  • Upto 500 User seats
  • 5 Million tokens per month
  • Unlimited Apps
  • OpenAI Keys(GPT4/3.5)
  • Monitored privacy & security
  • Phone & Email Support



For Heavy Load Businesses

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  • Unlimited seats
  • Custom Plan words/Apps/APIs
  • VPC, Private Link, AWF
  • On-premise Deployment
  • Priority Support & Training
  • Custom SLAs

Questions About Generative Softwares?
We have Answers!

The generative AI has led us to a new era of generating content, images, videos and softwares. Generative software helps you build custom information technology systems from a prompt.

Generative software reduces the workload of software planning, design and development. As it is a multi-disciplinary task, generative software reduces the workload of many verticals involved in system development.

The limitations are dependent on your plan, testing and deployment resources. As such you can generate any number of systems.

The primary system works in english languages and we are constantly adding new languages.

The basic testing involves functionality, data integrity and various modes of operation. It is recommended that you may use the existing testing framework of your organization.

Using Generative Software can save you opportunity, headaches, resources and distractions.

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