100% Deterministic Fix For AI Blabber & Hallucination Using K-Graph

Make your AI talk mature with confidence of knowledge graph built using deterministic and automated KOL mapping. Use product knowledge base from our open source repository. Build your own private process and regulation K-graphs. Combine both and attain AI maturity.

curl -i                           -H "Accept: application/json"                           -H "Content-Type: application/json"                           -H "LongAuth:  PrivateKey"
                          -X POST -d '{

                          }'                           https://app.fastbuilder.ai/pubapi/cyberrails?project_id=XXXX-XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX-XXXX

Engineering choice:
Async calls are optimally best option for creating fault tolerant systems with high degree of redundancy and reliability. The response time are in 300-ms which ensures that user experience and compliance can be served together.
Other Options:

Industry Leading Solution For Accelerated AI Adoption.

Mature AI framework enables rapid adoption of AI with confidence and trust of knowledge. AI adoption is highly correlated with growth and revenues. #

K-Graph Technology Is Adding Momentum To AI

K-Graph is the deterministic twin Of generative AI. While generative AI flies across the information domain to bring in human-like wisdom in conversations and content generation, K-graphs keep them grounded by knowing what is right and otherwise.


App Graphs


Public K-Graphs

< 300

ms Response Time



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We understand the evolving needs of industry. Therefore we support a variety of deployment options for cloud and on-premise.

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  • Public K-graphs
  • Unlimited AI Models
  • 1 active K-graphs
  • 1000 Cyberrails Calls/Day
  • 1 Cyberrails Calls/sec
  • 1 M Bytes per story
  • VPC/Private Link
  • Premium support

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  • Everything in SME plan + more
  • Custom data policy
  • Custom AI integration
  • SAML & Active Director Auth
  • AWS /Azure Data Fabric
  • Custom Knowledge Integration
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  • Custom SLA & 24x7 Support

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