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Prompts are the key ammunition for your AI battlefield. A great generative model needs a great prompt sets to crank-up amazing results. We help you generate millions of prompts for all types of tasks using an infallible system.

  • Save time and effort in manually writing prompts.
  • Get prompts for content, code and media.
  • Enhance your AI strategy with enterprise knowledge graphs.
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Save Time and Opportunity

Manual prompt building is laborious, experimental and error-prone. A prompt assembler can work for lifelong prompt generation which grows itself on your enterprise knowledge.


Eliminate The Bottleneck

Prompts are akin to commands for classical computing, but with infinite degrees of freedom. Get better control over prompts with K-graphs.


Drag & Drop with Plug & Play

Just drag and drop your documents for unsupervised K-graph generation with finetuning data.


Works With Every AI

Assemble prompts for all types of genertaive models and task with a custom assembler.


Custom Assembly

Add your own custom assembly rules for prompt generation for AI security & accuracy.


Secure API & Cloud Storage

Complete privacy, DDP, & indemnity protection with enterprise cloud support.

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Prompt Assembler &
Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge graphs have improved the accuracy and quality of large language models. With FastBuilder, you can convert your finetuning data to build your own custom knowledge graph. Now connect your graphs with a prompt assembler to generate prompts for all types of models and task.

  • Q&A guardrails
  • Succinct GenAI
  • Automation guide
  • Path explorer
Build Prompts for Anything With K-graphs Of Apps, Business Rules, Human Roles, Humanity, and more...
Contol behaviour & efficiency
of AI with Prompts
How It Works
Create Efficient & Accurate
AI Operation in 4 Ways

Buffer between users & AI

Use prompt assembler to wrap user's queries with approach, execution and control from K-graphs.


One Shot Prompts

A holsitic prompt comprising of all the elements of knowledge about the topic, the organisation and seeker's persona to avoid any pitfalls.


Exploratory Prompts

Such prompts explore all the acpects of a topic and allow deep structural discoveries.


Guarded Prompts

Add control context and parameters using special or general knowledge graphs like humanity, etc.

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Frequently Asked questions

A general definition of knowledge graph is a triplet of subject, predicate and object. In FastBuilder K-graph, we have modified them to have the triplets of Actors(Subject), Action(Predicate) & Assets(Objects). The change helps in identifying the terms for creating creating execution patterns.

To build a prompt generator from K-graph, add the graphs in the promptset builder and select the pattern from Actor, Asset, Action & Process. You can select multiple patterns from the graphs. You can select the elements from universal graphs, or graph groups or individual graphs.

When working with an AI model, one tends to start with a simple question. And gradually they add more conditions and context to the topic. To improve on the number of iterations required to achieve the desired results, you can build a contextful prompt with all the caveats of the topic derived from knowledge graph. This type of prompt has shown better results and achieves the desired goal in single attempt.

The assembly of graph elements to generate multiple prompts around a topic is called as promptset, in FastBuilder. The promptsets can be iterated over the graph to generate multiple sentences which hold true as ground truth. These sentences can be used as control or approach for querying an AI.

For large and complex topics, such as supply chain bottlenecks, one maynot know all that is to discover in the beginning. For such scenarios, one may go for exploratory prompts. It is simular to the famous "Five Why" problem solving technique. After each question, the graph traversal can generate the best next path to explore through meaningful questions.

A graph depicting the actor/action/asset triplets of a human worker like doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc is called a doer/role graph. You can upload a user manual or user stories from their usage applications etc to build such graphs. A series of prompts or promptsets, can be generated for scenarios to explain a software bot about how to perform a human task. Such techniques can be used for various task of task automation or task assistance. In such cases, a bot would know about the next logical step. Such bots can guide or war the human doer for deviations or questions, respectively
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