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Trigger crypto and hybrid crypto processes from interactions. We provide turnkey solution for complete oversight into production, distribution, and integration. It is useful for supply chain interactions and similar processes for any industry.

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The crypto and services built by you become tools for others. Other businesses and people interact with your crypto through Cyberium App Market.

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We take care of all regulation, compliance, government affairs and other reporting needs.

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How Synthetic Money Works For You?

Integrating the fabric of your business

In business, money is the byproduct of input and output. And therefore there are more precious things than money. Just like the value of money is derived by its features of transferability, accountability ,value store and exchangeability. Mankind has constantly improved the money with the changing times. To facilitate a new need, money is transformed. For example, we exchange currencies for travel. Companies securitise assets for lending and borrowing. Certain assets are held in custody to assure a stable market value. All these activities are synthetic in nature to create another form of money.
Embedding sythetic cryptocurrencies is the next phase of evolution of money. Crypto can be attached to inputs and outputs of the business workflow and processes. This improves the transparency, accountability and value storage of those activities. And this leads to many new possibilities. For example, you can tokenize a part of the value chain, distribute it to multiple parties and improve the distribution.

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Money Made For Higher Purpose

Synthetic money is helping businesses improve supply chain, procurement, customer service, etc.


A large US conglomerate has a myriad of internal production and procurement processes. Even after years of technological investments, efficient production forecasting lags the needs.
By implementing blockchain token for system integration, the company was able to build direct and flexible internal procurement systems.


One of largest air cargo carriers in North America has a lot of money and cargo movement for various partners and insurers. But the whole money management process slows down the cargo movement by 20% as well as cuts the margin by 15%.
A syndicated blockchain reduced the cargo delay, improved pre flight forecasting and eliminated money handling.


We are creating success stories in many industires.
  • client automotive industry
  • client logging industry
  • client mechanical manufacturing industry
  • client industry
  • client food processing
  • client energy industry

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