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Cyberium Inc About Us

Cyberium is a low code app builder for enterprises, governments, and businesses with blockchain capabilities. We provide a unified platform for both frontend and backend development using drag and drop design(WYSWIG), build & deployment.Our customers reach the market faster, respond rapidly to changes, and stay relevant to customer needs in the ever-dynamic markets. With embedded blockchain, it helps customers to manage end-to-end business.

How It Works? Our Work Process

Cyberium is a low code app builder for enterprises, governments, and businesses with blockchain capabilities.

1. Setup Data Architecture

Table Equivalent Smart Contract/Chaincode

2. Add Access

Script for API and other data Ingestions & Egestion

3. Secure The Perimeter

API acess rules, Key & HMACS properties etc

4. Data Routes

Indices, Lakes & Disaster recovery Mechanism

5. Configure Users

External and Internal groups & Partners

OVERCOME TECH DEBT With High Performance App Builder

Big solutions are made of small bricks finely placed with right amount of bonding to the adjacent blocks. Our team believes in winning every opportunity everyday with a smile. Our collective skills and experience in business, technology and various specialized fields is helping us

Cyberium Inc Key Business Solutions

Get blazing-fast market entry for your business solutions without waiting for months and years into product DevOps.

Do It Yourself ERP

Cross Border Integration

Business Tokenization

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Cyberium ERP is the world’s most flexible ERP software. It is designed to adapt to any business size, sector or geographic location.

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