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Crypto Office Suite to manage transactions & communications with ease

Crypto Office Suite

Link Calendar, Wallets, & Mail.

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Get ready for the age of crypto. You are your own bank in this age. The real money, cryptos, rests with you. Whereas in the case of fiat money, even with the paper bills, actual money remains with the governments or banks, on behalf of a government.

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  • Calendar or Mail Forwarding - Connect your existing personal and business calendars to Bigben.
  • Purpose Handle - Setup calendars with You+Purpose for specific purpose.
  • Time management - Integrate purpose, smart contract, and automation at one place for time management.
  • Crypto in email - Send, receive and execute smart contracts with emails.(coming with smart mail)
Blockchain Time Manager

Active calendar to link them all

Connect all your calendars with customizable transparency to your intended audience. Individuals can get a customizable. Businesses get a highly configurable scheduling system for their sales and operations teams.

What is active calendar?

Active calendar has automation readiness. It can be extended to achieve any level of automation and feature extension.
Key Features:
  • Pull based meetings
    • Hassle Free with public links
    • Custom responses & availability
    • Integrate office & personal inboxes
  • Customize Experience
    • Add/edit forms, scripts & fields
    • Visibility & behavior
    • Transparency & security
  • Seamless Collaboration
    • Connect with teams - Internal/Ext
    • Internal - API
    • External - Blockchain
Many Public Interfaces

Build many public interfaces for your outreach

An active calendar allows you to set custom options of smart contract, partnership codes, availability, duration etc.

Build Your Own

You can create your own calendar with franchise, loyalty, supply chain, teams, & individual preferences.

The interfaces can be your calendar, mail messaging gateway or wallets to receive payments for a variety of crypto utilities.

Crypto Office makes your transactional needs streamlined with all the internal teams and external partners. Every task gets transformed into smart contract on to your own private chain secured by Cyberium Public Chain or any syndicate chain of your choice.

Digital Partnership With Smart Contract

Partnership with Crypto Office

Set Partnership Contract

Add smart contract To your website

We provide a variety of upgradeable partnership smart contracts to integrate organizations. This is world's easiest, fastest & secure collaboration.

Sample Contracts:
  • Business Franchise
  • Loyalty System
  • Regional Supply Chain
  • Commodity Exchange
  • Utility Coin
Smart Wallets

Float, Manage & Distribute Tokens, Coins and Utilities

You can operate fungible coins as well as utility contracts with Cyberium.

Every office needs distribution of its products and supply chains. Cyberium makes it easy with customizable crypto distribution.

Synthetic Money
  • Business Franchise
  • Loyalty System
  • Regional Supply Chain
  • Commodity Exchange
  • Utility Coin
Smart Mail

Launching Soon

We are bringing you next generation email with smart crypto capabilities. Emails have almost not changed for last 30 years apart from mailbox size due to cheaper storage and spam filters. But how about no spam?

Stay tuned for launch updates.

Advantages of Crypto Office

Download the Bigben app

Manage your crypto office scheduling, all public interfaces, visibility, availability and customizations from the app.

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Our average customer rating is 4.5 / 5

  • Managing my schedules and sales teams has become so easy with Cyberium.
    Joan Avina
  • This is a fantastic calendar. Now I have a single place to loook for all my schedules of the day. No more hassles.
    Brandon Ross
  • I love the free public links for all my calendars. The automations of scheduling meeting with new leads and prospects is easy and fast.
    Kevin Perry