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Story Hub

Every great journey starts with a story. Why not start a great product journey with great product stories!

The AI converts the text of the story to project bulk prompts and design architecture for both frontend and backend, thus helping achieve extreme speed and quality while lowering the cost.

The Story Culture

Due to traditional habit of symbolic communication, which is easier than a long form communication, we tend to delegate the task of product documentation to analysts and software engineers. Thanks to large language models(LLM) like FastBuilder, ChatGPT and Anthropic, now it is easy to fill the gaps and create a fully aligned smart product story instantly.

Goldmine Of Timeless Enterprise

Effective documentation is critical to building a comprehensive knowledge base and encouraging collaboration. Smart product stories represent an innovative approach to accomplishing this, functioning as both a wiki and a continuous improvement platform. By chronicling both the successes and failures, product stories create a lasting record that enables all stakeholders to contribute to the development process. The result is a timeless enterprise that benefits from the collective knowledge and experience of everyone involved.

As Your Product Management Suite

Smart product stories provide all the support and guidance required for managing large and complex enterprise products.

Continuous Improvement

Text to Software AI helps in achieving a higher set of continuous improvement opportunities, that can be leveraged by organizations with smart product stories.

Portfolio Management

Business functions always have multiple products for a given market segment. And a story hub makes such portfolio management simplified and streamlined.

Standard Architecture

Smart story provides the unbiased and personnel-free standard architecture. It bridges the gap of lack for standard architectures for system design.

AI Assist For IT

Top tier of technology organization is mostly manual and highly opinionated due to complex nature and tribal knowledge. Story hub assists in removing the information blockade and interpretations.

Story Led Management

Smart story based management is a new way of building product teams. We replace the decade old legacy processes of software business with organized product stories and inherent disciplined archetypes.

A story is an enterprise guide.

Fix Information Loss & Leakages

There are a variety of ways in which an organization may risk losing its valuable information. Presentations and reports that are created are often used only once and do not become an integral part of the organization's archives. Furthermore, it is observed that employees who are involved in creating or utilizing such content tend to leave organizations at a global average of 40%. In order to mitigate these risks, a story hub can be instrumental in ensuring that content is stored in a permanent and usable format for future reference. This will not only preserve knowledge and data for future generations, but also aid in ensuring the sustainability of the organization's operations.


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