Rapid code generation with Microsoft Github Copilot

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If you or your teams are generating code using AI(like LLMs or otherwise), you are in for a treat. Engineers have tried copilot to a varying degree for rapid code generation. They either succeed at making their coding easier or they abandon it due to the mess of the code. With Fastbuilder.AI, engineers get a full view of the project, verify the design, understand the constraints, and get the bulk prompts completely ready even before they start coding.

Github Copilot has revolutionized the software engineering. But it has some major drawbacks. The three major challenges are context awareness for correct code generation, time/effort required for prompt build equivalent coding itself, and lastly lack of copilot driven coverage testing. There are other general challenges of privacy, copyright issues and optimization which we will cover in another blog.

We solved the problem of end to end prompt driven instant code generation.

End to end code generation requires a complete product story. Using the power of LLM, we help non technical stakeholders like analysts, managers and CIOs create complete product story. And the rest of the code plan and prompts are generated by FastBuilder.

Copilot comparison

Bulk Prompts

Get all the prompts for the project, i.e. classes, functions, logic, backend and frontend from the product story by NLP AI.

Seamless Development

The whole project experience become a seamless task from product story to granular task details with prompt.

Fungible Coding

The prompts are platform agnostic. It can be personalized with a template of persona, type and delimiters, etc.

Efficient Outcomes

Enable your IT teams of analysts, project managers and engineers to deliver great results with up to 50% savings.