Utility Apps like Calendar

Having a public calendar makes it easy to create a pull based approach towards marketing, servicing and prospecting, or whatever you do.
With Cyberium, you are not supposed to fit one size fits all. And more importantly, you get the ability to build your processes with crypto fintech.
Anyone can use Cyberium for productivity. Scheduling meetings with leads, clients and other such service seekers is a general function of our lives. We are very used to the email based scheduling. But there are few key problems which we all have faced many times.

  • Timing problem - Too many back and forth on common available slot. Unless you are scheduling your meetings inside your company, you cannot see other people's availability.
  • Context problem - Mature and professional meetings have formats. Unless you don't have formsatted form for clients at the beginning, there will be multiple back and forth to get all the details.
  • Follow-up problem - It is equally important that the post-meeting steps are followed diligently. Follow up mail instructions get lost in myriads of work. Chasers and reminders become heavy task when following up.

Bigben makes it easy to schedule meetings, set right context and stay on top of follow-up for all kinds of tasks.