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Infinitely configurable scheduling and prospecting system for sales, marketing, coaching, counseling, consulting and more such prospecting professionals.

Bigben - Make Office Transactions Easy

Crypto is online money. It works best when your daily life applications are deeply connected with crypto. That is why we built office suite integrated with blockchain for automation and advanced features.

Utility Apps Like Calendar

Having a public calendar makes it easy to create a pull based approach towards marketing, servicing and prospecting, or whatever you do. With Cyberium, you are not supposed to fit one size fits all. And more importantly, you get the ability to build your processes with crypto fintech.
Anyone can use Cyberium for productivity. Scheduling meetings with leads, clients and other such service seekers is a general function of our lives. We are very used to the email based scheduling. But there are few key problems which we all have faced many times.

Timing problem

Too many back and forth on common available slot. Unless you are scheduling your meetings inside your company, you cannot see other people's availability.

Context problem

Mature and professional meetings have formats. Unless you don't have formatted form for clients at the beginning, there will be multiple back and forth to get all the details.

Follow-up problem

It is equally important that the post-meeting steps are followed diligently. Follow up mail instructions get lost in myriads of work. Chasers and reminders become heavy task when following up.

Bigben makes it easy to schedule meetings, set right context and stay on top of follow-up for all kinds of tasks.

Cloud availability

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Silent mode

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Business Solution

Operate Crypto Digital Apps

Our platform offers complete operation, and automation suite for managing hybrid apps & events.

Utility Exchange

Create digital ecosystem for value chains like supply, demand, production, procurement, & more.

Crypto Money Apps

Build visibility apps where the next party gains access to materials with conditioned transparency of further flow of transactions. Suitable for money market applications


Making new relationships or managing existing ones is a hassle with our everyday life events from so many email and calendars. We want freedom, access and privacy at the same time.


Decentralized ledgers allow rapid rule-based social connectivity with security and privacy. Cyberium provides low code SAAS platform for indivduals and businesses to seamlessly build new relationships and manage the existing ones at scale.

The Daily Struggle

How do you manage your busy schedule?

Most of the people go through the daily scheduling with the help of one or more calendars that comes with their personal and work emails. But there are a lots of hassles in using them. We often double book or ,worse, loose certain relationships due to back and forth of availability. Our availabilities are less transparent than it should be for successful relationships, be it business or life. The non-complaining ones get sacrificed and mostly those are friends and family. At work the sacrifce is asked from subordinate staffs and tasks. That leads to long term impact on our own growth. This kind of daily struggle is a common place for busy people.

Connected – Add many calendars to Cyberium calendar with external calendars with cusotmizable public link along with an application attached to each link for crypto and automation.

Integrated – Cyberium calendar is the single source of truth for all your scheduling needs. Build partnership contracts on blockchain and add them to your business workflows and processes.