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Benefits of ERP

Cyberium is delighted to offer its blockchain-enabled customized ERP to small, medium, and large organizations. The beauty of Cyberium lies in the deep understanding of exact business needs and then design the customized ERP software meeting all of their needs.
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Unique Features

Flexible Pricing
Our pricing is transparent. We charge $1 per 1000 events. This keeps your growth afloat with pay only for what you use. You get an extreme level of functionalities, security and optimization that we are providing with the help of dual side low code, hybrid blockchain, & 24x7 support. The accounts are billed at the end of the month for usage by number of events.
Easily Customize Everything
Cyberium team has the expertise to create low coding applications with drag and drop software development functionality, we can provide you with well-designed ERP software that will fulfil all your business needs. Branding is the perception of the user about your organization. For the exponential growth of any business, it is necessary to have a good brand value of it. We help you to market your brand and help to get more business for you with the help of customized ERP functionalities. Cyberium is capable enough to define and execute all kinds of customized functionalities required for growing even and odd businesses.
Scale from 0 onwards 
As we want to grow with our clients, we keep our doors open for all types of businesses, including all industries. Keeping agility in mind, we are providing services that are scalable with the changing requirements of your businesses.
Extensive data security
As Cyberium ERP is a blockchain enabled software, it allows you 100% security. We can authorise the participants involved in the system and keep the transparency with the help of encryption implemented at the time of storing the data on the blockchain. Any change made in any of the transactions can be easily detected with the help of blockchain.
Minimal Ops Change
To come out of the crowd, we have started an agile approach that fixes win-win situation for both of the parties. Our incremental ERP solution allows us to deploy the small changes made in the software easily. We have experts who brainstorms a lot to optimize and automate many processes involved in the total system. This benefits the users of the system to save time and energy to a great extent.

Cyberium ERP is made of 5 lego-like blocks.

No business can run without the support of clients. In the client module of Cyberium’s ERP, we have introduced the functionalities that are necessary to keep healthy communication with the clients.
Hiring new talents and solving problems of the existing employees is a crucial and challenging job. We have simplified this task after adding some important functionalities to the system.
Hiring new talents and solving problems of the existing employees is a crucial and challenging job. We have simplified this task after adding some important functionalities to the system.
Growth of the business depends upon the decisions made by doing deep market analysis. Using the Market Module of the Cyberium software, we can identify the patterns that are necessary to take future business decisions.
In this automation era, everyone is expecting the outputs in a short processes. To bit the competition, we need to have a solution oriented mindset that helps to optimize our processes that can be effectively implemented in our ERP software.

How does Cyberium ERP work

Based on the organizational requirements, we create the customized hybrid blockchain which is the customized combination of public and private blockchain. Hybrid blockchains are used when we want certain participant to view all data and others to view particular data set only. The authorities are well-defined before the implementation of these types of blockchain. Any action performed in the system is considered as an event. The set of events is called as transaction in the system. For providing security to your dataset, you can use our blockchain enabled ERP that provides customized blockchain. You can choose predefined functions that are available in Cyberium ERP and customize your application according to your requirements. Initially, once you are done with the requirement gathering and understanding phase, you can create a flowchart based on which you will be able to select the type of blockchain you want for it. Once you are clear with the type of blockchain you are using for creating your decentralized app(dapp), Cyberium can help you to define the number of nodes and organizations required for creating the suitable architecture.  

We aim at providing business centric customized ERP solutions by understanding the business needs from the decision-making team. Any organization of any size can use this software with just one module and later as per the requirement we can provide you with the customized other modules.

The website designing done without the use of sql data format in the form of rows and columns is called table-less development. Mostly FSM are used to create the design patterns of the app.

Considering the requirement of building new applications and software, it is necessary to build a platform that will help non-technical members along with the developers to create customized applications.

As many of the processes are optimized, tracking of various assets in the supply chain becomes an easy task. Due to the elimination of human interventions, smart contracts can execute the processes quickly by delivering the products faster. Expected stakeholders involved in the system can track the assets and also check the provenance of the system. Before going live into the market, we always go for an integrated A/B testing, that gives the idea of the trending functionalities. The comparison report of this testing gives us the clarity to choose from the available options.

Cyberium ERP has added fantastic functionalities in the application and started filling the gap between developers and operations team. We are proudly saying that we are providing an all-rounder solution at one place with the name Cyberium blockchain ERP. The development and operations team can use such software to bridge any related gap and make the system more accurate and trustworthy.  

We welcome all types of informational data as an input to blockchain. We can define which data we are going to store on chain and off chain. Both the data types have their own advantages as well as optimization metrics. The data stored on and off the network is completely safe and secure through block encryption or cell encryption respectively.


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