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Neo Trade Finance

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Why Cyberium's Neo Trade Finance?​

Transparency and Visibility

Get full visibility and custom controls about all the involved risk, fees, transactions, & point to point status.


Easily build or choose products from library with 90K bank APIs, open source smart contracts, and execution scripts.​


No hidden charges or surprises with large deal sizes. All services are available at upfront declared fees and pricing.

Smart Contract

Get direct access to market for rates from dealers, brokers, banks and all service providers.


We all know that trade finance is dated back to the dawn of civilization. Since the beginning of modern civilization, sound a thousand years ago primitive forms of trade finance begin to sprout. The potential of growth of trade finance and its needs is increasing every day. The conventional methods of trade finance provided by basic financial institutions haven’t changed for so many years now. The manual systems of trade finance are outdated, quite expensive for small businesses, and quite costly when needed to be updated.


Cyberium’s tailor-made trade finance solutions are integrated on top notch blockchain cloud platform. Committed to the establishment of partnership and unleash a pool of financial compliance and freedom, we are giving business models a new outreach. Cyberium provides appropriated blockchain services, smart contracts, better security, in-built governance, and additional control functions for online and cloud access of trade finance.

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Global economy is facing global stagnation of paperworks

How to make efficient multi-party systems across the globe?

Blockchain has created feasibility, bringing many benefits that addressed many challenges in the modern trade finance world. We see that corporates have to work with a handful of platforms. This often makes the process quite complex, with much work in the context of legal agreements and different demands, all at the risk of giving away confidential trade finance data to a third-party resource application. Banks and financial institutions that provide these trade finance solutions rely on these third-party applications for data security and integrity. The procedures become quite complicated and a long time because of the complexities.
Cloud blockchain technologies provide effective solutions to all these problems related to trade finance. It can provide all the basic services and applications crucial for the trade finance needs of any business or corporation. Specifically tailored and catered traded finance on clock chain and cloud will be, of course, decentralized integrated over a digital ledger system. These features make Blockchain more efficient and protected compared to conventional centralized systems of trade finance being practised in the market. Blockchain systems are more safe and reliable, providing trade finance at a much lower cost.


Decentralization of
Contracts: -

Decentralization is one of the greatest wonders of Blockchain. With the passage of time, decentralization of trade finance, like all other economic needs, was becoming necessary to make trade finance feasible for all regardless of their financial levels. When using tailor-made trade finance systems on the Blockchain and cloud, the contracts are consequently updated in real-time as and whenever the terms and conditions of the contract are fulfilled. This effectively reduces the headcount and time period for the monitoring of goods along with the delivery as well.


The high transparency rates will make your business more secure and protected. We are providing greater satisfaction and secure transactions.

Realtime Solutions

The real-time solutions will make your business more reachable and accessible for your consumers and customers. Either to cater the personal needs or business needs, real-time solutions to make your business procedures more smooth. The financial documents which are stored over blockchain clouds can be accessed and reviewed in real-time from anywhere and everywhere. This comparatively reduces the time which would have been spent on the courier or shipment of documents

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Cost Effectiveness

Creating cost-effectivity is crucial when it comes to trade financing solutions. The affordability of consumers has to be kept into consideration when building such a platform. Since the primary objective is the decentralization of finance, so it had to be made sure that everyone can afford it. The expense of setting up and maintaining a blockchain network is seen as a barrier to the technology’s widespread adoption. The efficiency and speed with which blockchain networks can perform peer-to-peer transactions come at a high cost in the aggregate.

Compliance Policies and Procedures

Another question for blockchain technology is whether it can solve the rising costs and difficulties of complying with trade finance financial crime legislation. Technology, in particular, must assist regulatory compliance needs for banks. Because blockchain technology allows for less physical scrutiny of papers, there are concerns about compliance with financial crime rules. For trade finance transactions, a user would need to enter essential information from bills of lading, letters of credit, and other shipping papers into the blockchain ledger.