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Are you looking for making your city scale up without loosing its smartness?

    • For smarter public-private transportation system.
    • For smarter jobs & services in the city
    • For smarter public health, family, education and welfare services
    • And many more


City comprises of people, many private and government services, and businesses who all interact among each other in the form of transactions. Every transaction is unique. That is why most of the services are organized by their user segment or product segment. But the complexity has grown beyond a single solution which is fragmenting city governance into various disparate parts.


Cities face the curse of being big

How to manage smart cities?

It is a mature wisdom now that large distributed systems are well managed in parts. There are many types of archetypes available for this. But most of the systems are implemented through a centralized entity. Either as a technology or as an organization, any centralized entity stiffles further growth and innovation. Such systems prohivibitive for new ideas. They no more provide a level playing field. A level playing field, or an equal opportunity is the basic tenet for welfare services likes of a government or such public utilities. That is why huge growth leads to fragmentation.
Fragmentation leads to so many other challenges where inter-agency friction and organizational silos creates undesirable user experiences. Everyone from the service provider upto service beneficiaries suffer. That’s why we built a distributed system and organizational archotype for smart cities.


Realtime Distributed Workload

By adding every city service into a smart contract driven service layer, city can look for making scalable system of a unified organization whcih can provide seamless service and experience. City dwellers, travellers and service providers get a unified access to their needs with equal opportunity.

Integrated Information Flow

Service agencies are no more disconnected or silted and also their is no high entry barrier to gain new level of access with changing user dynamics. All the data access remains encoded into the layer of smart contracts which safe keep the precious user and service records. Such data sets have no hack-ability at any single point. All accesses are controlled through user consent and city/council syndication. Also these syndication are not IT dependent, therefore evryone gets same level of open ecosystem.

Cost Effectiveness

Creating cost-effectivity is crucial when it comes to trade financing solutions. The affordability of consumers has to be kept into consideration when building such a platform. Since the primary objective is the decentralization of finance, so it had to be made sure that everyone can afford it. The expense of setting up and maintaining a blockchain network is seen as a barrier to the technology’s widespread adoption. The efficiency and speed with which blockchain networks can perform peer-to-peer transactions come at a high cost in the aggregate.

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Compliance Policies and Procedures

Another question for block chain technology is whether it can solve the rising costs and difficulties of complying with trade finance financial crime legislation. Technology, in particular, must assist regulatory compliance needs for banks. Because blockchain technology allows for less physical scrutiny of papers, there are concerns about compliance with financial crime rules. For trade finance transactions, a user would need to enter essential information from bills of lading, letters of credit, and other shipping papers into the blockchain ledger.

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