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Solve Complex Challenges  Platform As A Services for Collaboration,
Operations & Finance into Banking, Smart city and Public Utilities

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Benefits of Cyberium Platform


Get full visibility and custom controls about all the involved risk, fees, transactions, & point to point status.

DIY & Open​

Easily build or choose products from library with 90K bank APIs, open source smart contracts, and execution scripts.​

Flat Fees​

No hidden charges or surprises with large deal sizes. All services are available at upfront declared fees and pricing.

Direct Market Access​

Get direct access to market for rates from dealers, brokers, banks and all service providers.

Simplify the complexity of large systems.
Increase speed of delivery for your smart city , government, corporate, community, investment & wholesale banking. With your operations, our platform & 95,000+ open banking API, Cyberium makes your business banking easy , fast & seamless.

Fortune 500 companies can save an average of $350 MM /year in banking and MSP fees.

Build banking & blockchain solutions with ease, like trade finance, project finance, treasury solutions, govtech, community banking and many more. Contact us today.

Transform Without Breaks

Bring Your Own Bank & Blockchain

Reach the next level of business banking with existing banks and blockchain. Your business continues as usual without disrupting any customer activity while you join Cyberium.

Contact us for a no obligation solution consulting Or an enterprise product tour.

We can save you unending product shortfalls with conventional banks. Our team of experts can build any custom solution where money and value need to interact. We enhance and simplify those intercations for a great end user experience.

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