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We build safe & scalable digital smart contracts. Cyberium provides a wide spectrum of blockchain implementations. We are a cyber tech company specializing in creating large-scale multiverse solutions across sectors.



Smart Contract Audit

  • Security – Identify common vulnerabilities and mitigate risks by utilizing customized tests to assess alignment with industry standards and best practices
  • Business logic alignment – Understand the expected outcome of the business logic within the smart contract’s code to assess the intended system design and functionality.
  • Simulation – Create “what-if” scenarios, run pre-defined automated tests, and simulate smart contract execution in Ethereum by configuring selected functions into a workflow.

Benefits of Cyberium Audit

  • Short Turn Around Time
  • Trust – Increase trust between counterparties in your blockchain ecosystem to help assess the validity of cryptocurrency tokens and smart contracts
  • Transparency – Gain insights into the potential behavior of the token or smart contract’s functionality, security, compliance, and design implications
  • Reduced risk – Provide information to help mitigate the blockchain’s operational and inherent risks

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