Calendar Utility Apps

Cyberium Utility Apps Workflow1


Implement screens, script, APIs, Hooks and BPMN for the teams. Create apps for public through public interfaces of workflow.
Cyberium add Partners & Blockchain2

Partners & Blockchain

Implement chaincode or smart contracts for partnership codes. It's a way to request and respond for information.
Cyberium Synthesize Money3

Synthesize Money

Implement chaincode or smart contracts for synthetic money. It is regulated crypto token money created for a specific utility.
Cyberium Performance4


Standardized workflows and decentralized network guarantees high availability, high scalablity and high distribution.

Build & manage Utility Apps
for Personal & Business

Create sleek experiences customized to your needs.

Adapt to every change with low code platform.

Start with boilerplate Active Calendar to evolve into CRM, SCM, ERP & lot more. Easily integarte APIs, Hooks, Blockchain, Partners, Organization and Value.

Get the power of cloud hosted secure platform as a service for your utility applications. By leveraging the power of blockchain, smart contracts, BPMN & your business rules, Cyberium lets you build control flow of experience, value and synthetic money for a variety of needs. Add a decentralized network that helps you build a safe, secure and controlled decentralized organization. When compared to a traditional system, CYB helps you make scalable value driven infrastructure with granular controls. Cyberium cuts the jargons to simple, beautiful and functional system.
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Extend your organization reach

Utility apps let you extend your reach across to partners and customers. Utility apps are open ecosystem for innovation and collaboration.

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Low code Cyberium Studio to build, deploy and monitor apps in cloud.

Why people choose us?

Our customers have achieved huge benefits with low code utility apps.
Extend the reach and functionality of your CRM, ERP, SCM and many other public facing utilities.


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